DPAfour 250

Product Number: DPAfour250

The DPAfour amplifiers are primarily designed for integration into Voice Alarm systems, but thanks to its flexibility, it can also be used for any Public Address or Commercial application. The DPAfour amplifiers are certified to the EN 54-16 standard.

The DPAfour can be powered by either a 110/230 VAC mains supply or 24 VDC supply able to support a battery back-up system for use in the event of mains failure and emergency evacuation systems.

DPAfour amplifiers have short-to-ground, short-circuit, overload and temperature overheat protection including line-impedance surveillance with a maximum of 5% deviation using the DIVA8 or IDA8 systems for loudspeaker-line surveillance. They support both single spur and redundant loop (A/B) cabling.

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